Princeton Instruments cameras are available with F- (Nikon) and C-mounts. First select the camera/CCD, the lens focal length, the aperture and the distance to the object. The calculator will display the size of the selected CCD chip in comparison to 35 mm film, the field of view at a given distance, the resolution of single and for a binned by 2 pixel plus the maximum focus range, or hyper focal, for any aperture and focal length combination.

Note: Hyperfocal Distance is the deepest possible depth of field for the selected focal length/aperture combination.

Select camera

C Mount Vignetting

Select Lens

Reset Vignetting

Focal length


Image area

Aperture F/Stop

Image area

Focus distance


Total pixels

Field of view

Pixel resolution

Near focus limit

Binned by 2 res.

Far limit

Hyperfocal dist.


Subject Size

Focal Length