IsopLane - Changing the Way the World Sees Spectroscopy

Inspired Innovation - Imagine a spectrograph that sharply focuses data at every wavelength, allows the unrestricted use of large-format detectors, and directs photons to where they are supposed to go. Imagine a spectrograph that overcomes the limitations of traditional Czerny-Turner designs while significantly improving upon the image quality and resolution afforded by toroidal mirrors.

The spectroscopists and engineers at Princeton Instruments have not only imagined it, but built it! We invite you to see the truly remarkable results… the Princeton Instruments IsoPlane, a next-generation, aberration-free imaging spectrograph!

The exclusive, state-of-the-art optical design elements utilized in Princeton Instruments’ IsoPlane imaging spectrograph means this revolutionary instrument provides a sharply focused image across the entire focal plane.

With the IsoPlane spectrograph more photons end up in the peak, increasing the height and effective signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), rather than in the wings, where they contribute to the background noise.

Why waste time acquiring data you can’t use?

Focal Plane Image

The IsoPlane eliminates field astigmatism and greatly reduces coma, enabling crisp, detailed imaging across a 27 x 8 mm focal plane.

Spectral Lines at Focal Plane Center                                

The IsoPlane yields near-Lorentzian spectral lines at the center of the focal plane. Czerny-Turner spectrographs deliver inferior line shapes.

Preserving Intensity

The IsoPlane produces sharp spectral lines of constant width and height across the focal plane, whereas Czerny-Turner spectrographs do not.

Crosstalk Eliminated

While Czerny-Turner spectrographs suffer from excessive crosstalk between adjacent channels, the IsoPlane eliminates it. Two-dimensional focal plane array detectors can record multiple spectra simultaneously, yet conventional spectrographs are ill-equipped for the job. Astigmatism in Czerny-Turner spectrographs means that only a few separate vertically spaced fibers can be resolved over the width of the sensor.


IsoPlane spectrograph